In response to rapidly changing attitudes towards organisational transformation and risk, one progressive South Australian professional services firm has established a specialist team to guide clients through the challenges of organisational change, risk mitigation, future-proofing and technology evolution.

Adelaide-based firm Holman Hodge has recognised the need to provide additional breadth and depth to their traditional accounting, tax and business advisory services.

“We looked at ways to complement our current services,” said Paul Holman, Managing Director of Holman Hodge. “However, we wanted to ensure that any new specialist who joins us brings experience, knowledge and courage of conviction, but also shares the warm, personal approach for which Holman Hodge prides itself.”

These critical attributes were brought to the firm with the appointment of new directors Grant Mitchell and Murali Sinniah, to lead the Transformation, Technology and Risk team.



With over 65 years’ experience between them at all levels of business, Grant and Murali are well known in corporate and government spheres and have worked closely together in a global Big Four firm for nearly a decade. Grant has also worked with the founding Directors of Holman Hodge for over 30 years.

Both Grant and Murali have successfully steered public, private and not-for-profit entities through periods of transformation, and designed and implemented a wide range of business improvement and risk management strategies for large and small companies.

“Organisational resilience is becoming increasingly critical as business environments are becoming more reactive, community and workplace demands are escalating, and regulatory regimes are tightening,” said Mr Mitchell.

“But with considered planning and practical guidance, pro-active organisations can actually harness these forces of change to increase efficiencies and achieve greater returns.”

“The need for risk management hasn’t diminished”, Mr Sinniah added. “But focus has shifted from risk compliance to realistic strategies for achieving goals in innovative and cost-effective ways.”

“Change is swift and relentless, so transformation management, and leveraging risk into an organisational strength, has become essential.

“We know our clients and the local setting intimately and our broader knowledge is drawn from global best-practice. Therefore we’re able to fine-tune and apply that essential combination to any business, from major corporations to small family enterprises,” said Mr Mitchell.

“We are thrilled with what we have achieved in the last few years, and proud of the quality of service we already provide to our clients” added Mr Holman. “We look forward to the new opportunities that will come from Grant and Murali joining our team”.