Holman Hodge is a progressive firm providing accounting and business advisory services. We find solutions to help improve your profitability, solve your business problems and help your business grow.

  • We give you a hand in business

    We have a ‘hands on’ approach to working with our clients. We don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty, if it means that we can assist our clients in growing a sustainable business.

    We work with you to give your business the strategic, technical, and structural foundations on which to succeed.

    Our team helps you to solve the problems of today to bring you an even more successful future. For you and those around you; Your team. Your staff. Your family.

  • We nail the details

    As they say, the devil is in the details, and we don’t shy away from the importance of getting the small stuff right.

    It’s our aim for Holman Hodge to be seen as a best of breed firm. We seek the best graduates and hunt the best people from top firms to build a team that can provide the utmost in accounting and financial services for our clients.

    We also put paramount importance on the development of our staff and we continually invest time into giving them the best understanding of our clients, the industry and to help them deliver on the details.

    It’s a big ambition and this reputation won’t come easy. It is based on being really good at doing the things that are expected. Nailing the details.

  • We care about our people

    Our team works in a space of genuine care and collaboration.

    We value the connections we make as individuals within a tight knit team. We are colleagues and friends. We care about each other and that brings about the strong collaborative ethos in our firm.

    We believe that strong relationships are the key to good business and our personal approach has helped us build relationships that span generations.

    Our clients are a big part of the Holman Hodge extended family. They provide us with opportunity and we in turn give our utmost to ensure the legacy of their business continues to flourish for the next generation. And of course, we’ll be there for them as they pass the baton.

  • We make connections

    At Holman Hodge, we believe in bringing people together. It’s in our DNA. We connect clients with our partners, staff with mentors and we even connect our service providers in to our network. All in the name of doing business.

    This attitude is fundamentally down to our core tenets of trust, commitment, guidance and honesty. We live and breathe these principles each and every day and we like working with people who have the same outlook.

  • We look at things differently

    We believe that technology and innovation plays a major role in building sustainable businesses. Our team holds enviable experience in developing innovative solutions to assist our clients achieve better business outcomes through more effective use of technology.

    In particular, we offer strategic business advice and services, along with practical and innovative solutions, for our clients’ business needs.

    We work closely with our clients to identify opportunities for improvement in their business processes, develop innovative solutions and to evaluate the business outcomes, continually assessing the viability of our advice because we thrive on accountability.

We've worked with

  • Start-up businesses to achieve sustainable growth and embark on their new enterprise.

  • Established businesses to identify opportunities for improvement, and deal with global competition, decreasing government support and fluctuating economic conditions.


  • Clients seeking advice on business valuation, succession and estate planning.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, creative and strategic, with success that comes from the trusted relationships we have nurtured over many years.

Our team helps you to solve the problems of today to bring you an even more successful future. For you and those around you; Your team. Your staff. Your family.