If so, you need to apply for a Director Identification Number

The Government has recently passed legislation which requires a director of a company to have a “director identification number” (or Director ID).  This has been introduced to try and stop fraudulent behaviour by directors and in particular involvement in illegal phoenix activities.

This has been proposed for quite some time, with the legislation recently being passed and the timeframes now determined.

You can apply for your Director ID from 1 November 2021 and, if you are a current director, you have until the end of November 2022 to register for it.

There are also changes to director appointments going forward:

  • For directors appointed after 1 November 2021 – you will have 28 days to obtain a DIN
  • From 5 April 2022 a director must have a DIN before they can be appointed

The purpose of this email is to assist those that are currently a director of a company to apply for their DIN.

How do I apply for a director identification number?

You will need to complete a Director ID application on the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) website to obtain your Director ID.  Go to Australian Business Registry Services for the details.

To apply online for your DIN you will need to verify your identity using your myGovID – if you haven’t yet set up your myGovID credentials, you will need to do that first.  You will find a link to take you through how to do that on the ABRS link above.

Once you’ve verified your identity using myGovID, you will then be required to provide further proof of identity by providing specific information the ATO already holds about you.  You will need two of the following documents to verify your ATO record:

  • Notice of Assessment details
  • Bank account details
  • PAYG payment summary
  • Superannuation account details
  • Dividend statement
  • Centrelink Payment Summary

Once done, you can complete the application form.

The application form itself is quite simple to follow.  As this digital ID is linked to your ATO record, it means most of your personal details will flow through to the application form.

You should receive you DIN as soon as you lodge the form.

What if you can’t use myGovID?

There is a paper form available for those who are unable to use myGovID.  This manual process will take longer and requires certified copies of identity documents to be provided.  Please contact us if you would like further information in relation to this option.

If you have any questions in relation to the above including setting up your myGovID, or sourcing the details of your ATO records, please contact your Holman Hodge adviser.