A pharmacy isn’t like any other retail business. It is governed by complex ownership rules and regulations that differ in each state, combined with legislative provisions that mean compliance is so much more than taxation. To support you best, our approach is all around collaboration, with pharmacy owners, management and staff, government regulators, and third party providers. We forge strong relationships and realise effective strategies for retail and business growth, cultivating opportunities and enabling client choices that pave the way for success.

Holman Hodge are pharmacy accounting and advisory specialists. We offer astute business advice derived from a blend of deep knowledge in the pharmacy sector, decades of experience advising individual and group pharmacy owners, and expertise in accounting and advisory services.

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We look at things differently

There are distinct challenges for both pharmacy businesses and their owners, whether you are an individual owner or in a partnership group. To navigate these successfully, we work with you to provide strategic guidance, backed with deep specialised industry knowledge, and support from expert pharmacy accountants and business advisors.

Start up

We support new owners / partners with their pharmacy acquisitions (and exits) entity establishment, optimal business structuring, strategy, risk management and implementation of operational systems (Point of Sale, accounting etc).

Manage & grow

The planning and everyday management of your pharmacy bring different requirements and challenges. We provide advisory services to support your pharmacy accounting, cashflow, forecasting, modeling, tax, compliance, bookkeeping and operational needs. We then provide pharmacy advisory services that go beyond pharmacy accounting to support you with optimal business structuring for growth, industry insights, benchmarking, valuation, capital raising, and facilitating partnerships, banking relationships, mergers and acquisitions.

Transition options

We provide you with guidance on buying or selling pharmacies, consideration of options, preparing for succession and retirement

Wealth management

Ownership of a pharmacy brings with it different considerations for your wealth accumulation and management. We support your strategies for this, business restructuring, family and business succession planning, superannuation and estate planning.


“I’ve had about six accountants throughout my career and Holman Hodge are the best we’ve been with so far. I was concerned about being in Queensland and them in Adelaide, but their communication is great. They follow through, they communicate, they deliver in a timely fashion.”
David Holmes, Coral Coast Pharmacies

Pharmacy Benchmarking

We understand that each pharmacy operates in a unique environment, facing its own set of challenges, opportunities, and potential for growth. However, without knowing what’s possible for your pharmacy and what benchmarks you should be aiming for, it’s challenging to stay on track. As pharmacy experts with decades of experience, we have developed a benchmarking tool that caters to the needs of all types of pharmacies, be it large or small, groups or chains, regional or metropolitan, high street or shopping centre pharmacies.

Holman Hodge Pharmacy Benchmarking service is an essential tool for comparison and improvement. By comparing your performance with other similar pharmacies in terms of size, revenues, and location, you can gain valuable insights into how your business is performing in the ever-changing market landscape. Armed with the right information and our expert advice, you’ll be empowered to make well-informed decisions about your business and personal investment, aligning your targets and goals. Whether you are looking to take your pharmacy business to new heights or aiming to establish targets for your everyday operations, benchmarking is a key factor in performance measurement.

Holman Hodge Pharmacy Benchmarking offers a range of benchmarking 
data around:

  • Profitability
    Revenue, gross profit and net profit
  • Growth
    Dispense, script, retail, customer
  • Gross profit margins
    Across areas of the business
  • Labour
    Total costs, percentage of sales, gross profit impacts
  • Customer
    Average sale value, products per customer, retail, script numbers
  • Store
    Gross margin, property costs % of sales and gross profit, per m² costs, 
 sales per m²
  • Inventory
    Stock on hand, stock turns per annum, ROI.

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